125 Jahre Hotel Münsterhof

Hotel 1900

Clotin Umschlag klIn 2012 we celebrated the 125th anniversary of the hotel  Muensterhof. Since six generations our family hosted guests from all over the world. Our great-great-grandfather emigrated as baker and confectioner and made his fortune in a foreign country. As he heard about the plans that the Orient -Express would be built through the Ofen-Pass to Müstair, he put everything on one card, returned to his home and built the hotel Muensterhof.

Unfortunately the railway project was not realized. The post coach needed more than 7 hours from Zernez to Müstair. But soon the first cars drove over the Stelviopass. So more and more people discovered the Val Müstair, a piece of the Grisons who has remained as it once was: A unique, and friendly place in the middle of a intact nature.

Read the book  Mr. Clotin and the Orient-Express  the fascinating history of the Hotel Münsterhof. A chronicle of nearly 200 years. About a visionary rail project and how each generation had to reinvent himself again.




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